We always talked about doing a green renovation on our house and after redoing our roof  we figured it was time to invest in solar as a means to save and be sustainable smart.  In 2013 the opportunity to purchase a used showroom display solar hot water system for our domestic needs was too good and we jumped on it.  Having some DIY knowledge I had planned to install the system myself but given time and and lack of thermal hot water plumbing I was recommended Solar One to assist in the installation.   I'm incredibly happy in having them complete the work,  they recommended changes that enhanced my performance and installed a used system making it look and run like it was right out of the box.  Missing a part, no problem they knew who to contact for the most obscure part while also being very budget minded.


Polite, Trusting advice, on time and always presenting budget options I'm glad we used Solar One for the install and our bi yearly maintenance check up.

Zimmermann - Guelph

Mr Zimmermann, Owner