Products & Services

Products & Services

Solar One has always understood the investment that our customers make when purchasing a Solar PV, Solar Thermal or Solar Pool Heating system. We have found locally and traveled throughout world to evaluate the products we offer to our clients. Our goal is to offer these products at a competitive price and provide superior service and installation practices.

All our customers can be assured that whether purchasing equipment or hiring Solar One to complete your renewable energy project it will be of the highest quality, installed by skilled trades people and more importantly, will operate to its fullest potential.

Services Offered

  • Government Grants And Programs
    • Part of our commitment is to provide our customers assistance to access all available government programs such as the Ontario Power Authority FIT, Micro-Fit programs, Eco Energy For Renewable Heat and any other applicable grants for your potential solar project.
  • On site evaluations
    • We have the tools to accurately measure and determine if solar is a good choice for your location, as well as computer software that uses local weather data and site specific shade analysis to produce a report that is customized to your prospective site. When this information is obtained we can recommend a system best suited to your location.
  • New solar installations
    • We offer complete system design and installation from start to finish for your Solar PV, Solar Thermal, or Solar Pool Heating project in the residential, commercial, and agricultural sectors.
  • Maintenance and trouble shooting on existing systems
    • Our technicians are able diagnose any issues with your existing solar system. We offer:
      • Electrical diagnosis of your Solar PV system.
      • Solar heat-transfer fluid, testing, replacement, and system pressurization.
      • Removal and reinstallation of panels for roof replacement.
  • Radiant in-floor heating design and installation
      • Let us show you how to prepare your radiant in-floor heat for use with solar now or in the future.
  • Integration of Existing Hot Water Heating/Boiler System with Solar Hot Water System

Solar PV Product List

Solar One PV Sloped Roof Mount!

Though new to the Canadian market, our Solar One sloped rooftop-racking solution has been tested and proven through years of successful field installations worldwide. It has been designed to minimize installation time and effort, and yet remain versatile enough for use on a variety of roofs.

Sloped Mount Installation

Solar One PV Flat Roof Mount!

Our flat roof ballasted system is Ontario fit compliant and is designed to minimize the impact to existing structures, which is critical to the overall success of the project. This product comes with a 10-year warranty and is fully engineered and tested for the Canadian market.

PV Flat Mount

Solar One PV Stationary Ground Mount!

The ground mount system uses proven technology that has been designed in Germany and has been in use through most of Europe for years. Now made in Ontario we are pleased to be offering this product to our customers!

When designing your system our engineers consider the demands of your particular location. Systems in areas that receive higher wind and snow loads are designed accordingly, resulting in a robust system that can handle our diverse Canadian weather. All ground mount systems can be can be tailored to fit your specific site requirements and come fully engineered.

PV Stationary Mount

Solar One PV Pole Mount With Tracking Option

Our top of pole mounting system is one of the most durable in the industry today! Made in Ontario, our pole mount systems come complete with a 10-year warranty.  The array can be adjusted from horizontal to vertical, or swiveled 180 degrees and then locked into position, or changed at any time in less than a minute. Consists of a hot dip galvanized steel strong back and aluminum stainless mounting hardware. The option to add a tracking device now or in the future to increase your solar yield makes this system a great choice!

PV Pole Mount

Solar Thermal Hot Water Product List

Solar One Evacuated Tube

*Download pdf Here*

The evacuated tube collectors provide high performance even in adverse weather conditions. This makes them the preferred choice for year round use, especially with any in-floor hot water heating system and during winter months when shorter days and less sunlight are available.

A highly reflective, weather-resistant CPC mirror makes sure that the sun’s rays from almost every angle are directed onto the absorber.

The absorber is selectively coated with a special long-lasting aluminum nitride layer. That means it almost completely absorbs incoming radiation (>92%). Collectors are easy to install at a low cost thanks to their small dimensions and low weight.

Solar One Flat Plate

Rated by the natural resources Canada as the highest efficiency flat-plate collector on the market. These collectors are a great solution for commercial and industrial applications. Suitable for projects of varying sizes, collectors can be installed in banks of up to ten collectors across and one to two collectors high.

PV Plate

Solar One Storage Tanks

We have researched and offer a wide range of solar storage tanks to fit your needs and your specific application.

Our solar storage tanks feature new advancements in internal heat exchanger technology and energy retaining insulation. These tanks flawlessly integrate our solar collectors with any existing domestic hot water or radiant heating system. Purchasing a storage tank that is specifically designed for your solar thermal system ensures that your system will reach its full potential. Solar one offers solar storage tanks of all sizes, from small residential tanks to large commercial tanks.

Latento XXL - Solar Layer Stratified Storage Tank

*Download Latento PDF Here*

LATENTO Solarsystem

Efficiency is the decisive factor for the effectiveness of solar thermal systems. The LATENTO stratified storage tank – the core of the LATENTO solar system – carries complete conviction with four essential characteristics, which in total assure you of the best possible efficiency, and thus maximum effectiveness of your solar heating system.


A stable stratification of the temperatures of the stored water ensures that:

  • With exclusive utilization as back-up heating, that the temperature in the domestic hot water region – or the upper storage area – is maintained.
  • The output for domestic hot water heating is additionally available all the time.
  • Fast loading means that hot water at 70 °C can be tapped after only 30 minutes of solar yield.
  • When operating as back-up heating (tapping via exchanger in the middle area), the temperature for hot water (DHW) is maintained!
  • The solar area still stays cool even during back-up heating/loading, so that solar yield is still possible!


The LATENTO plastic storage tank is manufactured completely with insulating material (PP/PUR/PP). By contrast, conventional steel storage tanks have to have additional insulation.

Apart from this, the LATENTO has no side and bottom connections, which also lead to heat losses (heat bridges in conventional steel storage tanks). The temperature losses of 0.1 K/h are commensurately low, corresponding to a thermal power loss of 63 W. For comparison: the best steel storage tank tested by the consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest 03/2009 demonstrated a heating power loss of 130 W. This difference in heat loss can correspond to a complete day‘s solar yield in winter (40 l hot water).


With a tapping capacity of 240 l (65 °C storage temperature, without back-up heating), a continuous output of 1050 l/h (85 °C reheating), a storage capacity of a maximum 54 kWh, and nominal power rating of NL 7,3*, the LATENTO XXL 500 guarantees a high level of comfort and is ready to use quickly.


On account of its dimensions (e.g. LATENTO 500: only 78 x 78 x 155 cm, standing area 0.64 m², diagonal measurement 1.76 cm), the LATENTO is ideal for refurbishing old buildings and for installation in small spaces. Thanks to this compactness and the integral carrying handles, the LATENTO is no problem for transport and negotiates all standard sizes of doors.

Solar One Pump Stations

  • Compact and surface mountable
  • Dashboard interface, instant reads on energy output, etc.
  • All components are 100% tested and CSA approved

Our available Solar Pump Stations allow for ease of installation, filling, and precise flow control. The pump station allows for connection to the solar collector and to the storage tank within a solar hot water heating system.

Solar One Controllers

Our solar controllers provide the best management for your solar hot water heating system. These controllers have the ability to read the temperatures of the solar storage tank, hot water tank, collector temperature, and flow through the panels, as well as control the pump in order to optimize the system for the highest amount of heat energy gained even during cloudy periods.

Key Features:

  • User-friendly with an illuminated display
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly and function as a complete unit with the pump station
  • High limit shut off function
  • System cooling function

Solar Pool Heating

Our solar pool-heating collectors are rated as one of the most durable and efficient on the market. Rated by the eco energy for renewable heat program at 0.97 with 1.00 being perfect, these collectors are your best choice for any swimming pool heating application. Pool heating in general can be a very costly when burning fossil fuels such as natural gas, propane or when using electricity such as a heat pump.

A solar pool heating system installed by us is your way of enjoying your pool to its fullest potential with no monthly costs and a longer swim season. The environment will thank you!

A basic solar pool-heating package includes:

  • Solar collectors
  • 3–way valve
  • Solar controller (recommended but not required)
  • PVC Piping
  • Installation

*Please note your existing pool pump will be used. No additional pump is required.

About Our Solar Hot Water Products

Not all solar hot water systems and equipment are created equally. In fact, Natural Resources Canada and SRCC (Solar Rating and Certification Corporation) run standardized testing on all solar collectors that are approved for use in the United States & Canada. Each brand of solar collector is given a performance factor or benchmark rating that allows consumers to understand the efficiency of one collector compared to another. Solar One has not only researched the various brands of solar collectors for use in Canada but we also use them in our own homes and businesses. As a result, we know we have chosen the best products in the industry. Let us use our experience to help you design a system that fits your needs!

Solar One understands the investment that our customers make when purchasing a solar hot water system. We don’t cut corners by installing lower cost, inferior equipment or materials. All our customers can be assured that a solar hot water system purchased from Solar One will be of the highest quality, installed by skilled tradespersons. More importantly the system and components will function efficiently and will work as they should. We have found that using quality products and taking pride in our work translates into a faster payback period and an overall performance advantage with your system.