Solar Electricity (PV) for All Applications

Solar Electricity (PV)

Ontario Power Authority Feed-in tariff program

This program allows you, as a home or business owner in Ontario, to generate your own electricity and sell it back for a guaranteed price of 54.9 cents /kWh with a Solar One roof mount system. Or at 44.5 cents for a Solar One ground mounted system for at least 20 years.

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What Is Solar Electricity (PV)?

Solar PV panels generate electricity directly from sunlight. These panels are made from semiconductors such as silicon and are designed with a positive and a negative layer to create an electric field similar to that of a battery. Configuring many cells in a circuit is the basis of a Solar PV panel.

Solar PV systems are groupings or arrays of Solar PV panels and modules wired together and to other electrical devices, to produce, isolate, convert and distribute electrical power. The electrical power produced by these panels can be stored in batteries to be used by electrical appliances or in the case of the Ontario O.P.A feed in tariff program, sold back into the utility grid.

A Solar PV system can be a pollution-free and reliable producer of electricity for use in your home or business. These types of systems are becoming more affordable now than ever before!

Small Solar PV systems also provide a cost-effective alternative to power supply in locations where it is too costly or impossible to bring electricity in with power lines. It is also a great way to provide power for use with outdoor lighting.

Solar One Enphase Micro Inverter Systems

Solar One Enphase Micro-inverter System is an integrated solar energy solution that provides significant benefits over traditional solar energy installations including increased energy harvest, improved reliability, and dramatically simplified design, installation and management. Enphase solar energy management systems are designed for residential and commercial of all sizes.

Enphase Micro-InverterEnphase Micro-Inverter

The Enphase Micro-inverter System is the first commercially-available micro-inverter system for residential and commercial solar PV applications. The Enphase Micro-inverter is a fully-integrated device that converts the DC output from a single solar module into grid-compliant AC power.

Envoy (EMU) Communications Gateway

The Envoy Communications Gateway collects per-module performance information collected by the micro-inverter. Envoy then transmits this data over a broadband internet connection to the Enphase Enlighten website.


The Solar One Enphase Enlighten website analyzes the per-module data collected by each micro-inverter. With the Enlighten website, customers can view at-a-glance as well as detailed information on the performance of their system and individual modules. In addition, Enlighten provides 24/7 monitoring and management of every module on every installation. The system automatically detects any shortfall in energy production, identifies possible causes, and suggests solutions to correct the problem.    ipad-myenlighten

How Many Solar PV Panels Will I Need?  (Off Grid Systems)

To answer this question we require a list of the appliances and electrical fixtures that would draw power from this system along with approximately how many hours a day the items will be used and if they are used every day. This would determine the power and energy required. Please note that lights and computers require small amounts of energy, refrigeration uses medium amounts of energy while heating/cooking appliances are often beyond the capabilities of smaller home systems. The size of your system will also depend on available roof area and good southern exposure.

How Will I Know If I Have A Suitable Location?new_hamberg

We have the tools to accurately measure and determine if solar is a good choice for your location. Our computer software uses local weather data as well as your proposed site GPS co-ordinates to produce a report for your prospective location. Each site evaluation is completely refundable upon the purchase of a system.

We at Solar One provide turnkey renewable energy solutions that will not only function as promised but are built with reliability in mind. All of our systems are installed by licensed professionals.
We will also fill out the necessary paperwork for you to access all government grants and funding. There has never been a better time to make the sun work for you!

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