Solar Hot Water For Agricultural Applications

“If any one group of people were to have an appreciation for a renewable energy source, it would be farmers and others in the agriculture industry.”

As the price of oil and other fossil fuels continues on an uncertain path, many businesses – especially those in the agriculture industry - need to start looking into the possibilities that will lower their total operating costs. Farms, especially dairy farms, are heavy users of hot water. According to the USDA, 40% of the energy used on a dairy farm is for water heating. Solar One Canada can help provide cost-saving solutions that can drastically reduce your energy bills and free hot water for many years to come.

Some applications for the agricultural industry as it relates to solar thermal are:

  • Dairy Farms (hot water needed for washing animals and sterilizing milking equipment)
  • Building washes
  • Equipment sterilization

Examples of solar space heating applications:

  • Any radiant in-floor heating application
  • Shop heating
  • Poultry and swine barn heat
  • Greenhouse heating

Fossil Fuel vs. Solar Energy: A quick glance



The money is gone with little to show for it

Low front-end costs

Shorter product lifespan

Higher maintenance

Consumes fuel

The money stays in your pocket

Higher front-end costs

Long life of product

Little to no maintenance

No fuel required


Today’s energy prices are volatile at best and the highest returns will be achieved by displacing propane, heating oil, electricity and natural gas, in that order.  Depending on your water heating needs, a properly installed solar water heating system could help reduce your hot water heating energy cost by as much as 50%.

Now more than ever, this is an ideal time for investing in solar energy due to the increased government grants and rebates available.  Solar hot water systems for agricultural applications are very similar and use the same technology for residential solar hot water but on a much larger scale.

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